2012 Mission Trip (DEC)

Our Dec 2012 trip we continued bringing medical help to the region but this time we had Pastor Larry and his  group that were a great help to the people as well as giving out medicine to those who needed it.

World Mission Convention

Mission Convention at First Baptist Church of College Hill
It is a beautiful thing when we see brothers and sisters working together for the kingdom of God. In this years convention we got the chance to know about other ministries as well as others knowing about Evangelical Mission. It was great meeting you all!!

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2013 Mission Trip (JUL)

In our July 2013 mission trip our focus was mostly on the children in the area of Fond-Lectune (North of Haiti). Children throughout that region came and joined us for a day of activities, food, and donation giving. They were very thankful for the donations received and we thank the supports who reached out and gave their donations...

2012 Mission Trip (JUL)

Our July 2012 Mission was such a success we had 2 medical teams along with 2 economic development team we had so much support both spiritually and financially.Thank you to all our supporters

2015 Mission Trip (AUG)

This years mission trip was another success because we were able to take the first steps to beginning our  Building A Difference (3 Year) Project. For this trip we were working on the 1st Section of the building and will be adding and completing the next two sections within the next 3 years. With our awesome volunteers from the region of Fond-Lectune and the great support of our supporters we were able to bring in tools and supplies for the construction of the school. There is still more work to go but we are driven to complete our 3 year project for the school.

2014 Mission Trip (OCT)

 Although this trip was short we were able to complete everything we went out to do. Our main focus for this trip was the school children and their families. We distributed the school uniforms and school supplies to the students (thanks to the supporters of our "Back to School Fundraising") and we also distributed feminine hygiene products for the women and handmade water filters to the people in the region..


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